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Your Ultimate Instagram Activity Tracker
Know More About Who You Care

Tracking the Instagram accounts that matter to you! Discover who they're following, whose posts they're liking, and who they're engaging with the most.

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DolphinRadar meets all your needs

Curious about those special Instagram accounts on your watchlist? Stay invisible, stay informed with DolphinRadar. Get detailed reports on Instagram activity for the accounts you track, all while keeping your identity completely anonymous.

Learn More About Your Couple

Dealing with trust issues? Skip the phone snooping. DolphinRadar's Instagram activity reports clearly show what photos your boyfriend or girlfriend likes and who they interact with most. Keep informed, discreetly and easily.

Monitoring Child Safety

Keep your children safe from inappropriate content without seeming intrusive. Track their Instagram activity discreetly to ensure they're not exposed to harmful material.

Enhance Your Clients Relationship Management

By tracking potential and existing clients' latest posts, follows, and tags of interest, know more about your clients ...and win the business competition easily.

Gift-Giving Insights

If you're searching for the perfect birthday or holiday gift, a peek at their Instagram likes can reveal their current passions, from art to tech gadgets, ensuring your present is a hit.

Building a Deeper Connection With Your Favorite Stars

By observing their Instagram behaviors to discover their routines, interests, and interactions to feel more in tune with their world. You'll know when they're likely to be online, enhancing the chance of your comments being noticed.

Conduct Recruitment
Background Checks

Effortlessly and discreetly uncover details not reflected in resumes, such as candidates' interests and recent activities, ensuring you find the best fit for your organization's culture and values.

Less Manual Tracking, More Powerful Insights

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AI-powered analysis for deeper behavioral insights
(MBTI, relationships, psychology, location, and more).


Dolphin Radar Features

Rave Reviews

Dolphin Radar, praised for its precise analytics and intuitive design, has become the go-to tool for those seeking an Instagram activity tracker.

100% Anonymous

No need to share your Instagram account information, and your tracked accounts will never know you're keeping an eye on them.

Comprehensive Data

Dolphin Radar provides in-depth data analysis presented in user-friendly visualizations. You can check out our Analytics Sample.

Completely Legal

We only collect publicly available user data, ensuring data tracking without compromising anyone's privacy.

No installation

Access Dolphin Radar online anytime, anywhere. No installations, no hassle.

Ready in 1 Minute

Just enter the Instagram account nickname you want to track, and let Dolphin Radar take care of the rest. It's that simple!

How to use Dolphin Radar

Step: 1
Sign In and Access the Dashboard.
Step: 2
Add Account - Just enter the Instagram username you're curious about.
Step: 3
Wait for the Detection Period to End and Access Your Report.

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Our customers talk about us

Jacob BrownJacob Brown
I'm in a long-distance relationship, and keeping connected can be tough. Dolphin Radar has been invaluable in helping me understand my girlfriend's social media world. Seeing her Instagram activity helps me feel closer to her, even when we're miles apart.
Emily JohnsonEmily Johnson
I've always been curious about certain Instagram accounts, and Dolphin Radar satisfies that curiosity discreetly. It's fascinating to see the likes and interests of people I follow, all without crossing any personal boundaries.
Ethan WilsonEthan Wilson
Dolphin Radar is a lifesaver for staying ahead in my business. By analyzing competitors' Instagram activities, I can strategize better and hit the market at just the right time. It's incredible to have such detailed insights into peak activity times and interactions.
Sophia MartinezSophia Martinez
Being a mom in the digital age is tough, but Dolphin Radar gives me peace of mind. It allows me to discreetly monitor my daughter's Instagram activity, ensuring she's safe from harmful content. It's comforting to know I can protect her without being too intrusive.
Olivia SmithOlivia Smith
As someone always on the hunt for the perfect gift, Dolphin Radar has been a game changer for me. I love how it lets me sneak a peek at my friends' Instagram likes, making gift shopping so much easier. I recently found the perfect art supplies for my best friend's birthday, all thanks to Dolphin Radar's insightful data!
Michael DavisMichael Davis
Dolphin Radar has been a critical tool for my online safety strategy. As someone who values privacy but also wants to stay informed about potential risks, it offers the perfect balance. I can keep an eye on concerning trends or interactions in my circle without being overt about it.

Your Ultimate Instagram Activity Tracker

DolphinRadar: Your trusted tool for Instagram tracking. Safely and accurately monitor the activity of accounts you're interested in—without compromising privacy. See which photos they've liked on Instagram, recent follows and unfollows, top interactions, and the latest content tags. These signals, reflecting their emotions and interests, help you understand them better, all while remaining anonymous.

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